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1. Optyline, available at www.optyline.pl, is run by the:

Optical Department Mitek Bartłomiej,

ul. Gorzowska 68 7

4-320 Barlinek


2. Optyline is retailing goods via the Internet.

3. Before making a purchase you are required to read and accept all provisions of these Regulations.

4. Price-lists and the information contained on this site does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but are invitations to place orders (requests) under the conditions specified in these regulations.


5. Orders are accepted via
www.optyline.pl website.
6. Placing an order is
equivalent to a voluntary acceptance of the Regulations by the Client and confirmation of prior consultation with a specialist and that the ordered lens parameters are consistent with the recommendations of a specialist. Optyline is not responsible for the bad lens fitting.
7. Optyline accept money bank transfer as a payment method.
8. Optyline accepts the order after receiving a properly completed order form and:
a. For orders paid by traditional bank transfer - after receiving money on the account of: Optical Department
Bartłomiej Mitek. 
9. The contract of sale of goods is concluded between the Customer and Optyline and it is a distance contract. Contract occurs when the order is accepted to realization except in the situations described in par. 12
10. Deadline for receipt of the shipment is the sum of the time of order fulfillment and delivery time.
a. The time of order fulfillment is the time from acceptance to completion and sending the order.
b. The delivery time depends on the Polish Post Office or Courier Service and optyline is not responsibility for the timeliness and quality of service providers, but in the same time makes every effort for the delivery to be as short as possible.
11. Optyline reserves the right to fulfillment the order within 2 to 9 working days depending on the availability of the ordered goods. Products are in our warehouse, except of the astigmatic lenses and positive lenses which can take up to 21 days as well as some some of the eyeglass frames, where fulfillment of the order can take up to 30 working days. In exceptional cases, when the ordered product is characterized by unusual parameters, delivery time may be extended, the Client will be informed in advance via e-mail address from the order form.
12. The availability of the product within:

a)contact lenses 3-5 working days

toric contact lenses 3-21working days

b) frames and sunglasses 2-14 working days depending on model, color, and size. All informations available via e-mail.

13. Optyline reserves the right to refuse the order if:
a. The data contained in the order form is incomplete or incorrect.
b. There is doubt to the intention of fulfilling the contract by the Customer
c. There is doubt whether the product will be used for its intended purpose or conditions of use.
d. When in the situation described in par 8th point b. the time from order placing to receiving money on account of Optical Division B. Mitek exceed 10 working days.
14. All prices quoted are gross prices (VAT included). The price for the transaction is assigned to the product at the time of order. Optyline reserves the right to change prices of goods, carry out and cancel the promotions.
15. At the Customer request VAT invoice on sold goods can be prepared - in such a situation the order form should be completed with the data for the invoice and not later than within 10 days from the shipping date to send adequate information along with your order number to the e-mail: zamowienia@optyline.pl. Client authorizes optyline to issue VAT invoice without signature.
16. Transferring data from the order form and / or registration and login process is done with the help of safe SSL protocol.
17. All registered clients have a profile page, available after authorization, which allows you to view, modify and delete personal data held by Optyline.
18. Optyline stores cookies on Client computer in order to: maintain session after logging in, creating statistics of viewing, to better match service to the customer needs, advertising on the content of interest closest to the customer. Cookies do not process or store any personal data which could identify the customer.


20. According to the Act from March 2
nd ,year 2000 "About the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product" (Journal of Laws No. 22, pos. 271), Customer may return goods purchased in Optyline without giving any reason within 10 days from the date of delivery. This is possible only when the goods have not been used. Customer is responsible for providing a complete product, undamaged and without losing its commercial value (especially in the unopened package). Returned goods must be accompanied by a statement of resignation from the purchase and the account number to resend the money. In case of damage to goods returns will not be considered. Optyline customer is obliged to properly secure the shipment in transit to the following address: Zakład Optyczny ul.Gorzowska 68, 74-320 Barlinek. The costs of returning the goods are paid by the buyer. Optyline guarantees the reimbursement equal to the price of goods at the time of purchase, the money will be credited within 5 working days by bank transfer to account specified by the customer. Optyline does not accept any package payable upon receipt.

21. In situations where the received product is inconsistent with the contract, the customer has the right to make a complain. Order and a receipt (or VAT invoice) and the letter explaining the lack of conformity Customer shall at its own cost return to the following address:
Zakład Optyczny ul.Gorzowska Barlinek 68 74-320. Complaints will be dealt within 14 working days from receipt of customer package (in a situation beyond our control may take longer time). When the complaint is accpeted, defective merchandise will be replaced by another and sent on to the Customer on Optyline expense within 5 working days. If, due to exhaustion of storage, replacing will be impossible, the customer will receive the equivalent of the price of goods in the form of transfer to specified bank account. Optyline does not consider complaints for single contact lenses without box, or a complaint without a proof of purchase (receipt, invoice).
22. In case customer finds damage in the shipping, the complaint will be considered only when containing the damage protocol signed by the customer and supplier.
23. Goods to individual order (eg, astigmatic lenses) – it is such in which waiting time is more than 5 working days, are non-refundable.
24. In the case of buying prescription glasses and sunglasses customer is entitled to a refund within 10 days from the date of receipt. In the case of return of spectacles with the inserted lenses, the amount of refund will be reduced by the value of the lenses inserted in the spectacles. Spectacle lenses are products for single use only, therefore they are not refundable.

How to make a complaint of spectacles:

  • it is necessary to send us purchased frames with lenses, sending only lenses without frames or vice versa- eliminate complaint. You make a claim on the entire product not part of it;

  • it is necessary to add receipt and guarantee card;

  • it is necessary to add description, to what claim applies to;

  • please provide us with return address and contact number.


25. Optyline makes every effort to the description and specification of the goods placed on the website, so that they match the reality. Optyline is not responsible for improper parameters, description of goods or a sudden change provided by the manufacturer.
26. Optyline reserves the right to change the rules at any time without reason and without notice. Changed regulations come into force upon publication on the site.
27. Optyline reserves the right to introduce new products to offer or withdraw them without giving any reason and without notice.
28. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising under the contract is the court competent for the defendant or the court of the place of performance.
29. Other matters not regulated herein, apply the provisions of the Civil Code.
30. Settlement of transactions made by credit card and e-transfers are carried out via the Settlement Centre Dotpay.

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